Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology for non-residential buildings


For ventilation and air conditioning facilities, necessary design criteria such as heat loads, volume flows, indoor-air velocities, capacities of heat carriers and ventilators, or sound-pressure levels should be defined and verified when planning, during an acceptance procedure, or later during operation. These parameters often lead to reclamations and are objects of complaint during an acceptance procedure for ventilation and air conditioning facilities.

  • Our approach

    Kessler + Luch develops appropriate energy-saving concepts for ventilation and air conditioning together with expert planers for building services and verifies limit values for air velocities, sound-pressure levels, volume flows or heating powers. Herewith, Kessler + Luch can revert to an experience of the past decades.

    During this time, studies were provided for nearly every air-handling system in a combination with different components: induction units, cooling ceilings, swirl diffusers, slotted rails, air outlets, cooling baffles etc., local ventilation units, floor convectors and many others.

  • Our services

    Kessler + Luch is able to build and to run with specified operating parameters rooms and components in its own flow laboratory in order to check a set of flow and heat engineering problems. A wide range of measurement technique for temperatures, indoor-air velocities, degrees of turbulence, sound-pressure levels, volume flows for water and air allows to carry out expert examinations and to estimate these values. For this purpose, we build models in a smaller scale or of an original size, provide measurements in the model rooms or in the building areas and produce a comprehensive expertise for the functionality of the specified values.

    These values can be also determined by CFD-simulation calculations. Both methods, i.e. flow experiments as well as CFD-simulations, are used to identify quality problems and to optimize ventilation and air condition facilities. During acceptance measurements, the said values such as temperatures, indoor-air velocities, degrees of turbulence, sound-pressure levels, volume flows of water and air are measured and derived values such as heat flow are calculated. Furthermore, ventilators and their efficiency are measured for example during energetic inspection.



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