Industrial air technology


Heat and air pollutants are released by nearly all technical processes and they have to be driven away from housings using air technologies.

  • Our approach

    By means of on-site measurements and case studies, development engineers of Kessler + Luch determine foundations such as heat flows or emissions flows. Then, optimized capture facilities or also concepts for air technical facilities are planned and the necessary extract air volume is evaluated via theoretical calculations, model studies or CFD-simulation analyses.

    Herewith, we work in a close collaboration with our customers in order to find an optimal solution that will take into account requirements of a production process. This procedure is especially recommended for an optimisation of the given facilities.

  • Our services

    Our speciality field in industrial air technology is capture of pollutants and conditioning of manufacturing areas.

    Herewith, our services cover the following:

    • Measurements
    • Design of needed facility components
    • Development of exhaust hoods for energy saving adapted to local production conditions
    • Optimization via model studies and simulation analyses
    • Construction
    • Delivery and installation of the facilities
  • Exhaust ventilation

    Waste products are formed in many industrial processes in a form of solid or gaseous harmful substances that are released into the environment. Basically, the substitution, i.e. replacement of harmful substances by non-harmful ones or replacement of high-emission production process by a low-emission production process, is preferable. However, there possibilities are often limited or not realizable.

    Then, air technical measures for the safety of employees and environment are necessary that aim to avoid or to reduce to an acceptable level exposure to harmful substances at work place, pollution of the environment as well as damages to production facilities. The most economically reasonable possibility is to remove harmful substances locally at the emissions source using exhaust hoods, and to remove them from the air flow via a suitable separation technique.

  • Blowing ventilation

    Ventilation measures are meant for replacement of captured air streams in housings and for derivation of indoor-air pollutants from housings. Here, the principle of a layer ventilation is preferably used in order to produce a good air quality at low temperatures in an occupied space by building a near-floor layer of a low concentration.

    On-site measurement is required to plan layer ventilation, whereby released thermal loads are determined for the production site.



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Our speciality field is capture of pollutants and conditioning of manufacturing areas.

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