Hygienic inspection of ventilation and drinking water systems (VDI 6022 / VDI 6023)


Hygienically unsafe ventilation and drinking water systems сan spread bacteria and microorganisms like a wild fire and can cause serious diseases. An early hazard preventing is indispensable for an organization.

  • Our approach

    Our team consists of specially trained and certified competent professionals in the field of hygiene. We offer hygiene inspection for the indoor air as well as water systems nationwide – we inspect hygienic conditions of potable water (VDI 6023) and ventilation systems (VDI 6023). The experts of Kessler + Luch not only carry out an actual microbiological examination of the systems, but also analyze soft spots and causes of problems.

    Our customer becomes an expert recommendation for the implementation of specific optimization measures. At this point our team works in a close collaboration with our customers.

  • Our services

    Flexibility and customer orientation – advice and information.

    Herewith, our services cover the following:

    • Hygienic inspection in accordance with legal requirements
    • Laboratory analysis in an accredited laboratory
    • Formulation of recommended procedures
    • Development of fundamental concepts
    • Supervision and implementation of hygiene technical measures
    • Planning and conceptualisation of hygienic technical air and water treatments


Fabian Asch
General Manager
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Tel: +49 (0) 641 707 00
Fax: +49 (0) 641 707 111

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