Whirl hood

This capture concept, patented by Kessler + Luch copies the natural principle of a cyclone. By suction, two low pressure areas are formed on the end faces of a cylindrical half-shell. Consequently, the air between these two areas is brought into rotation. Low pressures in the center of this whirl can reach 5000 Pa and velocities exceed the suction velocity in 10 times.

Whirl hood can be modified in many ways and can be placed for example on the back side of a spraying and grinding place or can be used as an upper hood to capture exhaust air impulse flows (e.g. diesel locomotive).

Substantial savings of exhaust air amounts in comparison with the other capture systems are also possible. Furthermore, by a rotary motion, a gravimetric precipitation of coarse dust particles occurs like by a cyclone.

  • Extremely high efficiency by suction of impulse exhaust air flows
  • Generation of high pressure and velocity potentials due to a whirl outflow
  • High capture efficiency for small air volume flows
  • Savings in exhaust air volumes up to 50% in comparison to traditional capture devices
  • Can be used in case of precipitation of coarse dust (e.g. at grinding places), prevents sparking.


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